What You Are Not Being Told

What You Are Not Being Told

With these few words, I hope to give to you what I myself sought for years as I tried to make sense of the chaos of modern times. Though my search had led me to many helpful facts, a understanding of the full truth was very difficult. While my own dull mind surely was at fault, it was also clear that many connections had been deliberately obfuscated, And, yet, once all of the puzzle pieces in their correct positions, the big picture became very clear.

It is September 2015 and we are about to enter a completely unprecedented stage of global dominance by a small and highly conspiratorial group. Despite the level of control they now hold, the mastery that will be achieved in the generation ahead will be, by far, the most dramatic increase in their power since World War II. However, focusing only on the conspiring elite, though they are exceedingly important, fails to understand the true scope and personal danger of the crisis of our times.

The objectives of these globalists are now largely shared by most Westerners, having so long drunk from the well of their alien philosophy that our kin are unaware of the philosophy's unnatural origin and imagine it as their own creed. Further, even those who disclaim specific outcomes they understand as harmful, almost invariably fail to unshackle themselves from the root ideology that will again and again lead to these excesses.

But, to fully understand what is really happening today and what will happen tomorrow, you must first understand yesterday. Because of the vast significance historical events have for both the present and the future, no other subject has been so thoroughly targeted for misinformation and propaganda. As their control has increased, formerly widely known truths about race, culture, and history have become deeply obscured and revised.

I will briefly explain these historical bases, which you substantiate for yourself through diligent research. I urge you especially to consider for both primary and secondary sources works prior to the 1930s and particularly those published outside of the United States, then follow the facts there indicated forward into more recently uncovered evidence. Such proof requires considerable study and time and here I will simply outline the rarely known truths and their implications, encouraging you to prove or disprove as you may.

Once I have traced the path through history, which alone will very likely greatly challenge your beliefs, I state my predictions for the near future. I pretend no mystical power of augury, and the nature of my predictions is outcomes rather than processes, strategies rather than tactics.

I expect that you will disbelieve these omens, but merely through your attention now, my hope is secured. For, as you see my predictions come to pass, you will realize that the history I have mapped is also correct and, thus, it may become useful for understanding the future, just as tracking the path of a thrown stone allows you to anticipate its landing.

If you can perceive the truth in these words, please share this with those for whom you care, whether as concepts or the verbatim text. And, if you bravely copy and share this message, append to it as you see necessary. But, note that I will never add subsequent communication; thus, any who own my mark are deceivers.


There were several ancient races of hominids cohabiting Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, with significant physical and cultural differences. Interbreeding between these races was very rare, in no small part due to their general isolation from each other. Homo heidelbergensis was one such distant race, whose line split into at least two descendant branches long ago.

One of these branches was the famous Homo neanderthalensis, the other, Homo sapiens. A group of theHomo sapiens would evolve into the "Cro-Magnon" people, who ranged over Eurasia many tens of thousands of years ago. Most modern Europeans are entirely derived from this ancient root stock, whose descendant families established varied tribes, themselves developing unique cultural and racial traits.

Shared among the Cro-Magnon tribes in the lands of Europe was an ancient culture known now as the Aurignacian, whose principal innovation was not technical, material, or even practical. A divine spark had ignited a holy flame that would be guarded and passed from those far ancestors to our day, generation by generation, the dawn of the transcendent spirituality.

In the ancient human and animal figurines, cave paintings, and reverential burial grounds of these early European ancestors, we see the discovery of the miraculous, a sense of the sacred, and the spring of our soul. With this new awe, there arose a sublime and ideal perception of life and the world. This was the inspiration of our people, the breath of spiritual life into our souls.

By some 15,000 years ago, the great glaciers covering much of northern Eurasia had melted and soon a vastly important group of these ancients would travel by horseback throughout Europe and Western Asia. Known from early times as the Aryans, they would infuse a strong commonality to the diverse regional tribes that had developed over many millenia. Exactly what portion of Aryan culture was strictly original and what portion was found and treasured along the way is hard to determine with certainty, but, these historical giants would spread their philosophy, language, and civilization across all of Europe and shape forever the identity of the European.

Given the vast spaciousness of their reach, the past limitations of the communication, and the balance of populations, we can confidently state that, however awesome their immediate military prowess, their influence was, in the greatest part, due to the clear superiority and appeal of their culture. All the indigenous languages of Europe share the Indo-European roots of these Aryan greats, whether Greek, German, or Gaelic. Great civilizations rose from Stonehenge to Sumeria, and a shared spiritual mythos found its expression in every corner of Europe, forming a deep identity that still joins us. This great native Aryan spirituality (also known as the Proto-Indo-European religion) would flower into, among other expressions, Hinduism, Germanic paganism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and the ancient Grecian philosophers.

The common threads in these metaphysical philosophies were a belief in a spiritual plane of existence that was more significant and true than material plane; the conflict between the corrupting material "reality" and the higher spiritual truths; and the ethical importance of personally transcending material concerns unto spiritual ones, i.e. the development of the soul.

This metaphysical conception led to a profound new understanding of the very purpose and value of life. The cultivation of this spiritual philosophy would generate a new ethical relationship with other beings, leading the Aryan to a radical love for the soul. Through its purest elements, this would itself lead to a great elevation of all life, a holy reverence for motherhood and children, and a truly humane respect for animals.

This, then, is the essence of the European. But, of course, there existed other races of men and many cultures quite different from the sublimity indigenous to Europe. There is one such people of special importance that we must now understand, for they, more than any other group, can truly take credit for the philosophy of the modern era.

The Semitic people are an ancient tribe of mixed racial origin, genetically from primarily ancient European source, but with considerable African and Southern Asiatic admixture. In this respect, one might assume they would resemble e.g. modern Egyptians or Indians, long racially diluted offshoots of native Europeans. But, they are quite unique from those people and the reason is a particular cultural contribution for which the Semite deserves recognition: religion.

By this I do not mean spirituality or philosophy; I mean the elevation of thebehavioral laws by which a people abides to the highest moral imperatives. The faithful observance of these commandments is a reflection of the primacy of physical reality; the Aryan conceptions of principles, ideals, beliefs, and love were nowhere to be found. In this great philosophical difference we can see the origins of the great conflict of modern versus traditional society, of the materialistic versus the spiritual.

The Hebrews were but one of many ancient Canaanite tribes, but would grow into great power and prominence, yet this eminence was even from the earliest times not generated by their settled land, but through commercial activities within other nations. The nature of the Jewish people was established in the Neolithic period long ago and would be continuously strengthened and purified.

The evolutionary reason for this comes from what is likely the world's oldest continuous eugenics code, creating astounding linearity between these ancient Semites and those of today. This is not due primarily to limited inbreeding, which is hardly unique to the Jews, but rather to the intricate codification of acceptable behavior through from the religious texts of the Tanakh,Talmud, etc.

This is more complex than just laws of Jewish marriage. Traditionally, Jews must not only descend from Jewish genetic lineage, but must also adhere to Jewish law. Those who did not behaveas Jews according to their captious laws were ejected from the tribe. Jewish culture thus has, through more than one hundred generations, strongly selected for certain traits and reached remarkable stability.

To truly comprehend the effect of this evolutionary pressure, one must not only consider the nature, breadth, and specific content of the Judaic teachings, but also the historical role the Jews have played for several thousand years as a people surviving through interactions wholly dependent on the extraction of resources from other self-sustaining host populations.

From the most ancient historical times, Jewish life depended on profiting without direct work, whether by retailing, lending, slavery, prostitution, or criminal enterprise. In order to succeed at this, they must have leverage over the producer economy. Perhaps the most popularly acceptable type of leverage is simply having considerable resources at the ready for e.g. trade or lending. But, this is not a sufficient assurance or often even possible. So, Jews have frequently conspired against their competition, their customers, and the rulers of the lands they inhabit in order to secure their necessary advantage.

Consider what prevents a racial subpopulation, that is, a tribe, from cheating others of another tribe in order to ensure their own success. First, most people in the world generate their success through direct productive effort, such as creating a product or gathering a resource. They simply do not need to get the better of the other tribe in order to survive, unlike the Jews who have, for thousands of years, entirely depended upon finding ways to gain without their own productive work.

Second, there is usually a moral basis that inhibits cheating over the other tribe, whether a shared identity as a nation or a more noble moral consideration. However, Jewish law explicitly teaches that Jews are the only tribe chosen by God. According to these teachings, all other tribes are intrinsically inferior, mere beasts or worse in the eyes of God. Instead of providing moral proscription, Jewish law explicitly permits crimes against Gentiles, even praising them in numerous instances. Even the some of the hallowed religious laws are allowed to be broken in order to achieve material deceit, with these transgressions excused each year through the Kol Nidreiof Yom Kippur.

Third, in order to avoid punishment and exposure, the practical considerations of cheating the other tribe are considerable. There is no group of people in the world that are more positioned to commit monetary crimes than the Jews, who can readily exploit control over political and financial institutions to steal wealth via a great variety of schemes and swindles. Tracking their path through history, one finds Jews have very deliberately acquired this kind of control again and again in countless nations. Given the frequency with which financial impropriety has come to light in the Jewish owned banks and businesses, can we really doubt that the Jews at least possess the necessary criminal means?

After all, one can readily understand how it was far easier for the Italian crime families to commit crime in the United States without consequence than for an unaided criminal individual. But, less publicized entities can enjoy the same advantages. The Jewish organized crime families, responsible, for example, for making Las Vegas a criminal paradise, were, in fact, even larger than the Italian ones. Their presence has been covered up by the press and media for over one hundred years, even persisting to this day with most of the "Russian Mafia" actually being of Jewish origin.

And, fourth, cheating over the other tribe is inhibited by a limited desire for worldly gain. Admittedly, material gain is useful, but in the Aryan view it is far from the highest purpose of life. Conversely, Jews believe that there is no higher spiritual world or ideal at all, and that God explicitly rewards the obedient through material goods in this life. The Olam Ha-Ba of the Jews is strictly an afterlife in which they will rule the physical world, the ultimate reward for their materialistic ethos itself materialistic.

Think of a people who have been conditioned by tremendous genetic pressure, proud traditions, and rigid religious laws, a people who believe that they are literally chosen by God to rule the world and that all other tribes are inferior and may be ethically subjected to crimes. Imagine such a tribe, who believe the physical is the only valid truth, who have for thousands of years completely depended on parasitic relationships with other nations, and who have selected on traits of legalistic argumentation, shrewd trickery, and ruthless intolerance.

Do you believe that such a population are truly just the same as their European hosts, sharing our principles, beliefs, and basic identity? From the Jew's own perspective, they are vastly superior to the Gentile, and can we, if we use their metrics, honestly disagree? As a people, they are extraordinarily intelligent, calculating, determined, and wildly successful at their goals. Who can be a better Jew than the Jews themselves?

I recognize that most of you will respond to the prior description with aversion given its apparent antisemitism. We have been deliberately conditioned to deny, ignore, and forget our prior cultural knowledge of the Jewish people, to be intellectually disarmed against the pattern the historical record reveals again and again. Besides an appeal to your general reasonableness, I offer two additional considerations.

First, the Jewish people are themselves exceedingly proud of their accomplishments and superiority to all other people. They do notsee their tribe as ordinary, but triumphantly extraordinary, and make no great secret of their dominance in the very fields most associated with usury, vice, sophistry, propaganda, and political leverage such as banking, gambling, lawyering, media, and lobbying. From Benjamin Disraeli to Yuri Slezkine, Jews will not be kept from proclaiming their own supremacy. They proudly claim so many key radical "reformers" of Western civilization as their representatives, proudly tracking the Judaic origin of their philosophies. Is precisely the same attribution acceptable if it stems from a Jew, but irrational antisemitism if it come from a Gentile?

Second, the materialistic and spiritual philosophies are obviously not exclusively the domains of Jewish and Aryan tribes, respectively. The Cro-Magnon, who was the predecessor of many Asian as well as European peoples, may be admitted the spiritual Prometheus and Jews, due to the special conditions aforementioned, appreciated as true specialists at a type of materialistic gain. But, the capacity and occurrence of spiritual elevation and material opportunism exists in all humans. All people are tempted by the materialistic corruption. Whether cynically spread and nourished by the Jewish people or not, the poisonous seeds of the Novus Ordo Seclorumwere and are already present in every heart. They are the key to the human drama.

What Has Happened

With this in mind, let us then trace our history to the first pivotal conflict in which we may very clearly see the strong contrast between Aryan and Jewish philosophy: the death of Jesus Christ. Jesus was the Avatar of the Hellenistic age, defending Aryan spirituality from Semitic legalism and intolerance in the newly birthed Roman Empire. In the process of defending the ancient European spirituality, he was defeated materially, but triumphed spiritually, renewing and unifying the European heart just as the Aryans did in an earlier age.

The early Christians were murderously persecuted by the Jews, who not only drove the Roman mistreatment of the Christians under the the Nero and others, but also personally massacred them, e.g. in the Bar Kokhba revolt. Within a few centuries Rome would adapt Christianity as its own. But, by then, not only had the old Gentile families nearly completely lost their influence to African and Asiatic foreigners, Christianity itself had long lost of much of its early purity.

Christianity became Judaised, with an emphasis on the rabbinical authority of the priesthood and ever more legalistic adherence to the texts. Indeed, the first declared heresy was in many ways the most natural and obvious Christian impulse: to deny the demiurge of the Jews and the authority of the Tanakh.

From the early Bereshitof the Torah, religious obedience is shown the absolute and only moral code in Judaism. The great sin punished by the advent of all possible material unhappiness was gaining disobeying Yahwehto gain knowledge of Tov Wa-Ra, good and evil. How different this is from the Aryan impulse, which teaches us to understand and internalize the moral ideals, while behavior is just the secondary personal application of those principles, material life being ultimately unimportant!

So, too, do the "heroes" of the Israelis demonstrate, such as Abraham, the first Jew, whose "holy" example was to deceive and attempt to murder his own trusting son in blind obedience to God. For this, he was rewarded beyond measure, with his offspring to rule the world and "possess the gates" of all their enemies. How different the outcome for Saul, the first king of Israel, who disobeyed God's command to completely annihilate another tribe, slaughtering them entirely including their "infants and nursing babies". For this insolence, the Jewish God destroys Saul, stripping him of his crown and nation, and when is led to death at the hands of his enemies, his prayers are vengefully ignored.

All of the accreted Christian apologetics who have attempted to reconcile the Old and New Testaments could not keep out the belief that the cruel, enslaving God of the Tanakhwas different from that of the Christian theos, which, unlike the Asereth ha-Dibroth, does not demand absolute monotheism. So, Christianity repeatedly needed to "cleanse" the people of their remaining Aryan beliefs, whether through the slaughter of the Saxons, violent crusades against Cathars and Bogomils, or the Protestant "depaganization" of Catholicism.

Yet, so permeated is Jesus with the Aryan philosophy that the Gospel of John, perhaps the extant book least influenced by later Semitic revision, calls Jesus the living Logos, the spiritual ideal made flesh. Jesus continuously challenges the materialistic and legalistic notions of the Jews, denying their legitimacy, and driving their moneychangers (who would become moneylenders) from the temple. Pure Christianity is a completely Aryan spiritual philosophy that is the antithesis of the Jewish materialistic ideology.

And, for his philosophical attacks on Jewish materialism, he would be crucified and hated by Jews ever since. Jesus is maligned and vilified in the Talmud, written in stages several hundreds of years after Christ, mocked in the Toledot Yeshu, and attacked through dozens of influential Hebrew polemics. The hatred for Christ continues to this day, finding its peak in the increasingly visible cult of Satanism, including the atheistic Church of Satan founded by Levey, a Jew. Satanism and its occult roots are drawn directly from Jewish sources, not only in their Kabbalist rituals, but also the transgressional methods of the Sabbateans and Frankists.

The most common attack on Christianity is that it is a myth and, thus, unworthy of belief. But, it is crucial to properly understand what it means for Jesus to be a myth. In the traditional Aryan spirituality, we do not lose anything vital if Jesus is "only" an idea or a story, for the message of Jesus is not one of material phenomenon but of spiritual truth. The transcendent philosophy and story of Jesus have clear parallels in those of Mithra, Zoroaster, Guatama Buddha, Krishna, et al. What is important in their respective teachings are not the details which may be proven or disproven by physical facts, but their reflections of the spiritual light of higher truth.

The literal, materialistic obsession of today's supposed Christians is itself a vigorous reintroduction of the Semitic philosophy it was originally against, in no small part due to the dissemination of the Old Testament through the printed Bible and resulting Reformation. But, when it came to the promulgation of Semitic values, the technological accident was just a small factor compared to the presence of Jews in Europe. This was and is due to the following three major processes, continuing today.

First, there are the effects of Jews' commercial activities. They bring the presence of many things which have long been forbidden in European culture, particularly after our culture's revitalization through Teutonic rule some 800 years ago. These artifacts include usury, slavery, and prostitution, all instances of material desire unchecked by spiritual moderation. These activities debase the Aryan culture, degenerating it toward a crass materialism. For example, a society that permits the indirect sexual slavery of pornography or a mercantile mindset unabashed by usury is allowing its culture to become profane.

Second, there is the deliberate influence of Jews through propaganda, graft, and extortion in order to increase their power and position. One method for this is to purposefully weaken and corrupt the traditional European values, principally to make Europeans more vulnerable to financial predation, but also out of a deep hatred for Christ and contempt for their hosts. Their ultimate objective and expectation is literally Jewish rule of the world, the promised Olam Ha-Baof both the living and resurrected dead.

Third, and, herein exists a sad admission, is the appeal of the Semitic philosophy to the base human soul of the European people. Of course, Jews do not see Gentiles as equals and Gentiles can only be transitionally useful to the Chosen tribe, but the Semitic philosophy is not inseparable from those tribal aspirations. What tempts all people about the Semitic philosophy is the materialistic world view, which threatens to ensnare all people of all racial and cultural backgrounds.

In Judaism proper, relics of the noble Sumerian theology, much perverted in its Canaanite form, still exist, like old superstitions. But, these beliefs are largely considered talismans for the ignorant by most Jews, and even the beliefs that remain are mostly just supernatural methods of materialism. Tracking the Jewish teachings from the Torah Shebichtavto the Gemarashows the gradual dismissal of Yahweh's old authority, as the tribe's Chosen status comes to mean that the Jewish will isthe will of God. So even with modernism, where beliefs such as "equality" and "tolerance" appear with religious zeal, yet a strange dispensability, conveniently abandoned by the modern priesthood where they conflicts with the aims of materialism.

For, the Semitic philosophy isthe modern philosophy, though very ancient in itself. It is the basic materialistic philosophy, claiming that the physical world is all that exists and all that matters. Our life is purely mechanical, beginning and ending with our corporeal existence. "Good" and "evil" can only therefore be real in physical terms, qualities of efficiency towards or away from sensual or emotional pleasure, thus the unwavering religious focus on behavior. By denying all existence beyond the physical, materialism is ultimately an atheistic and nihilistic philosophy, whether encoded in the laws and rituals of a cult or casually followed in a hedonist lifestyle.

The original ideas of liberty and equality, while preexisting, are enshrined in early Christendom. They express that our spiritual self or soul may, through supernatural will, freely seek and reach enlightenment (heaven), and that such divine experience is possible even within the most humble of material circumstances. These ideas, reflective of inherent human value regardless of material condition, were, for over a thousand years, foundations of happiness and meaning in European life, even in times of war, disease, famine, and other calamities, bedrocks of a fundamentally stable and stoical society mostly untroubled by the intrigues of class movement and material greed.

Though Medieval society was generally stable, materially ambitious men jousted for power and the thrones of Europe provided a volatile ferment that often bubbled into upheaval, despite the general assurances of systems such as hereditary monarchy. These ambitious monarchs and nobles often needed extravagant wealth to finance their escapades and would again and again turn to those Jewish lenders, made wealthy long ago through countless fallen nations, who happily supplied their appetite for gold.

As these lenders aided the monarchy, they were rewarded with special titles and privileges, some even becoming Catholic bishops, and would rapidly gain power to usuriously profit from the subjects, often shrewdly sharing some portion of their so acquired riches with the king by taxation, etc.

Whether through the eventual frustration of the exploited subjects or the desperate realization of the artfully bankrupted royalty, the Jews would be expelled scores of times across Europe, always leaving with even more wealth to initiate the next rewarding opportunity. Through this cycle, the Jews were able to gradually establish more and more influence in Europe, building not only wealth, but elaborate international communication networks of spies and contacts.

In many cases, Jews evaded expulsion through pretending conversation, establishing large societies of wealthy and powerful "Catholics" that would have a strong influence on the church such as through the legalistic and sophistical Society of Jesus, which was founded by three "converted" Jews, or the notorious Order of the Illuminati, brainchild of Jewish "convert" and Freemason, Adam Weishaupt.

One such "convert" was the tremendously influential philosopher, Baruch Spinoza, whose family quickly reverted to Judaism after moving from Portugal to Amsterdam. Spinoza articulated the fundamental materialistic philosophy of the "Enlightenment", the ideologically Semitic foundation of rationalism, relativism, and similar materialistic views. Spinoza was a secretive, occult figure, whose motto was "cautiously" and who published almost nothing openly, yet corresponded with dozens of instrumental religious and scientific figures, being a formative nexus in what was to come.

It is in the 18th century that the first massive conspiracy unfolded across Europe and the New World, as the Enlightenment ideologues sought to destroy the monarchy, church, and hearth, replacing these with an atheistic, materialistic culture ruled by an elite cabal of wealthy Jews and Freemasons who inflamed the masses with revolutionary creeds of "liberty, equality, and fraternity!"

These lofty words, though wryly coined to mimic the virtues of Christendom, meant something radically different from their traditional counterparts. Liberty, rather than the exercise or agency of the soul toward or away from heavenly aims, now would mean a legal right to "do what thou wilt" in the physical realm. The only and inconsistently enforced restriction is that you don't limit someone else's liberty. Oughtis never considered, and real principle is completely absent from this purely amoral code.

Equality, previously regarding the equal measure of our soul's inherent spiritual value, now would mean equality of material result, becoming a demand for one's share in the bloody spoils of revolution. Few things are as unnatural as the expectation of equalpotential among people or, as in its most entitled incarnation, expectation of equal result regardless of effort, worth, or justice. This was no longer a principle but a price, a bribe by which everyone's selfishness could be tempted.

And, fraternity, what could this mean when families and whole countries were to be rendered indistinguishable, uniform like the drabbest prison slaves, stripped of all identity, all loyalty, all nationality, all truefraternity? Solidarity among the radicals was as "thick as thieves", the frenzied and terrified loyalty of a mob gathered before a reddened guillotine.

It was by these revolutionary "values" that both the French and American Revolutions took place, instrumented by many of the same extremely well funded and devious conspirators, having cloaked their revolutionary aims within the lodges of the Freemasons, an occult society patterned after Jewish mysticism and with such strict top down secrecy that it could not be better engineered for rule by a hidden hand.

It is for this reason that there is virtually no real American Right; conservatives cling to the radical "founding fathers" to stand against the excesses of liberty while these excesses are the inevitable result of the very values these historical terrorists and traitors held in such high esteem. This is the folly of the conservative in the United States, doomed to revere no history older than that of his own undoing.

A tremendous couphad taken place, not from an authentic change in popular sentiment, but from a very well orchestrated and financed conspiracy against Christendom. As the monarchy fell in France and the Colonies and loans were desperately needed, Jews maneuvered into control of several other national banks. This would allow the Rothschilds to profiteer so wildly in the years ahead that they became and remain the wealthiest family in the world!

But, as the terror of the times ebbed, the people could not easily forget the truths written in their pasts and would not abandon their traditions as easily as the revolutionaries wanted. While the conspiracy had gained two tremendously powerful nations through France and the United States and hugely enriched the conspirators, there were setbacks as well, and a new plan was hatched to further the ultimate goal of world domination. By the mid-19th century, the revolution moved from the monarchy to the bourgeoisie through the Jewish economist, Karl Marx, providing an ultimately much more radical target.

Few things demonstrate the talent of Jews for manipulation as well as the historical skill with which they have directed revolutionary action against the purportedly usurious upper-class while miraculously avoiding their own indictment! Consider, what group was more materially exploitative of the Europeans than the Jews? Noblesse oblige, feudal lords fought wars while serfs stayed safe, and all but the worst kings and queens knew the cost of betraying their people, but what obligations did the money lenders or landlords feel to the people from which they profited?

Jewish slave-traders, working with Muslim slavers, profited from the basest dehumanization for more than fifteen hundred years after Christendom had made enslavement of fellow Christians, regardless of nation, prohibited. This Christian sentiment later led to the ending of allslavery in Europe. Yet, Marxists would endlessly agitate American blacks against not the Jews or the Muslims, but the Christian people that had freed them, and even before treated them with rare humanity and generosity.

And, yet, where do you see the leftist indignation at the most professional and expert usurer? Where do the revolutionaries expel the Jews as the royalty and authentic masses had previously? After the French Revolution, just the opposite happened: the Jews were invited into all manner of positions and authority. Indeed, it was one of the very first orders of business. And, when Napoleon, in his own mad ambition, dared to contravene the Jews, he was struck from power.

So we see the power of the Jewish deceit, by which two sides are waged in war against each other while the Jew pretends friendship with both, aiding their mutual destruction. And, in the carnage that follows, the Jew acts as grave robber yet appears as nurse, providing quick and easy fixes to the pain. Yet, look deeper, and do you not see that while engineering the conflict itself, the Jewish tribe also works to ensure a debilitating peace? This is perhaps the most terrible effect of Jewish intrigue, the permanent cycle of manufactured crisis. For, what power does a usurer have over the well supplied?

Marxist ideology spread across the Western world as radical Jews from Eastern Europe had their migration and settling funded by wealthy Jewish organizations and individuals. After patient preparation involving securing key financial, press, and government interests, as well as widespread destabilization by near constant Communist agitation, the largest conspiracy ever before hatched took place: the First World War.

Is it preposterous to think World War I was a conspiracy? About ten years prior to the Great War, a book appeared telling the story of a conspiracy. It was never presented as a historical work, but instead as a dramatic account of ambitions that were soon to unfold. In this book, a complex description of the mechanisms and aims of an international conspiracy were articulated, most notably a completely unprecedented "universal war" followed by a Jewish-controlled world government promising peace for which the Goyim, ravaged and desperate, would plead. This book, condemned and propagandized against more than any other book in modern history, isThe Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Read it with an awareness of the history that followed it before you label it a hoax.

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a small group of radical youths who were directed and supplied by Freemasons should not in itself have set off the largest war in history to that time. Yet, after one "mysterious" failure of deescalation after another, the conflict did just that, leaving over 15 million people dead and the countries in Europe tossed about like pawns on a chessboard.

The war was key to ensuring that the Tsarist Russian Empire, vigilant against the Semitic conspiracies and previously the target of multiple failed Jewish-backed revolutions, was to become the radical vanguard as the Bolsheviks, whose leadership contained more than 90% Jews (including Lenin and Trotsky), seized control. This could not have been achieved without the limitless resources of the Bolsheviks' Rothschild backers, and particularly the instrumentations of their incomparable scion, Jacob Schiff, who had previously weakened the Russian Empire by financing Japan during the Russo-Japanese war.

Immediately after the Bolsheviks gained control, Schiff would vigorously fund the Communists even as the Red Terror, a counter-revolutionary purging by the Bolshevik "emergency committee", mercilessly killed over one million Russians over the period of about a month. Consider that the much publicized Russian "pogroms" against Jews had killed by Jewish estimatesno more than 3,000 at that time. Yet, the Red Terror, the first of many large scale deaths propagated by Communism, remains largely forgotten.

With Russia overthrown and England, the United States, and France already firmly under the control of the Jewish interests, the principle prize remaining was the German Empire. With the homeland betrayal of the November Revolution, this prize was taken and Jewish control achieved. The Weimar Republic would become the most visibly Jewish dominated country in the world, even exceeding the influence Jews held in the United States at that time.

The United States, accustomed to isolationism especially in matters of war, was loathe to enter into the European conflict. Conspiring to drag his country into the conflict, President Woodrow Wilson worked with British and American propagandists to demonize the Germans, such as through fictitious accounts of brutal cruelty in Belgium. This failing to convince the American Congress to enter war, the Lusitaniaruse was concocted, yet still fell short. After many similar calculated provocations, Wilson was finally able to elicit entry into the war, albeit in a limited capacity, becoming a so-called "Associate Power".

At the Paris Peace Conference ending the war, Wilson was instrumental in founding the League of Nations, a mechanism for world government just as described in the Protocols.Wilson's efforts were rewarded that year with the famous propaganda instrument, the Nobel Peace Prize. A global guarantor of peace "merely" requiring obedience to a supranational cabal, the League of Nations soon swelled with member nations pledging obedience to its Covenant and the promise of "world peace". But, the global dominance that seemed eminent was stalled.

The American representatives in Congress, still fiercely isolationist, prevented the United States from joining the League of Nations by a 49 to 35 Senate vote. Unlike Europe, the United States had been practically unscathed by the war and had no desperation for peace and security. In the years to come, this would be rectified.

Meanwhile, the post-war years in many countries led to such corruption and exploitation that a reaction set in, not unlike the conditions prior to the Bourbon Restoration that followed the Revolution in France. While the worst events were to be found in the violent repression of the Communists and culminated in the Holodomor and the Great Purge, the economic exploitation and moral degeneracy was nowhere as grotesque as in the German Weimar Republic, potentiated by the usurious Treaty of Versailles.

These conditions led to popular support for the German National Socialists, who directly stood against Semitic control and sought to restore the pre-war German dignity. The National Socialists, of course, became the most famous and powerful example of resistance to the Jewish world government, leading the Axis Powers against the Capitalist-Communist alliance. And, for this, they became the most reviled enemy possible, the object of the world's largest, longest lasting, and most spiteful propaganda campaign. They would become the modern Amalekites, generations of their descendants punished with bloodthirsty viciousness.

The rebellion of the Germans, Italians, and Japanese show the efforts at world conquest were not yet successfully completed. Successful, yes, but, not complete. The limitations and mistakes of the past effort would need to be remedied, the newly acquired power put to productive use, and more permanent and total control established. And, to secure desperation for an authority providing "world peace", the world would need to remain forever frightened, terrorized from standing up.

To shock the United States out of its comfortable self-sufficiency and related isolationism, the Great Depression was engineered by the banking industry and greatly exacerbated by the Federal Reserve, established by Woodrow Wilson soon after his election. The Great Depression, occurring during the presidency of the committed isolationist, Herbert Hoover, provided the pretext for sweeping government social and economic control, establishing the perceivedneedfor government protection rather than the traditional American self-reliance.

A Freemason from an extremely wealthy family, Franklin Roosevelt became President as the economy hit bottom, "saving" the country with the New Deal reforms and fully securing America's subservience to the globalist agenda. In less than a year after being elected, Roosevelt would officially recognize the Soviet Union, granting legitimacy to a regime that had been condemned by prior presidents. Roosevelt's support would reach its apex through the direction of Harry Hopkins, who illegally channeled hundreds of billions in cash, resources, and classified information to the Soviets even prior to the United States joining the war.

It is logical to wonder why arch-capitalists, lavishly enriched through usury, monopoly, and oligarchy, would seek to aid countries with communist ideologies that seek to "smash capitalism". If we are to believe Marx, capitalism and communism are antithetical philosophies, fundamentally opposed to each other. Why would they collude together against the Axis?

We must understand that both economic systems are designed to appeal fundamentally to selfish materialistic interest, either that of the "haves" or the "have nots", as capitalism and communism unduly rewards the possession or lack of resources respectively.

Both are packaged in the naturalistic garb of rationalism, claiming to reflect either a Hobbesian game of fitness or the Marxian dialectical progress toward the perfect society. Thus, materialistic ambition, marketed respectively towards the dominant or disenfranchised, is justified as superior to the spiritual goals which are seen as irrational, unjust, and unhealthy. These spiritual inclinations being "unnatural" according to materialistic philosophy, they are presented as inevitably destined to be weeded out through the Unseen Hand or the will of the Proletariat.

Both capitalism and communism are reflections of the same underlying materialistic philosophy of the Jews, expressed for different audiences. The conflict between these is the conflict of competitors playing at the same sport, competing for the same gilded prize. It is simply a translation of the conflict of those ambitious kings whose wars were financed and much profited from by the Jews. But, as alluded to earlier, the lender has little power over a content people. And, so, ambitions must be nurtured, grievances aggravated, and fears stoked, and thereby is the casus belli invented.

As two systems promising endless socio-economic ambition, capitalism and communism are thus highly desirable for the Jews. Because the Jews' greatest interest is in profiting from conflict and want rather than the success of a particular nation, it makes perfect sense to perpetuate the contest between the rich and poor. The mastery of instigation by this supranational people is difficult to understand until one sees how, unlike an ambitious king of a nation, they are completely dependent on the frothy turmoil of their hosts. And, this aspect also explains their aim of world domination. Their religious texts encode this aspiration rather than originate it, and the world is already to them but their stockades of slaves and saps.

And, so the true enemy of both communism and capitalism was the economically independent, proudly Aryan, and defiantly antisemitic NSDAP of Germany. The threat was not that the National Socialists would wage war on or exterminate the Jews. In fact, the National Socialists were crucial in the establishment of a Zionist homeland, encouraging immigration to Palestine through the Haavara Agreement!

The danger was the exampleof Germany, a self-sufficient nation and an astounding success once unburdened by Jewish parasitism. Germany could not be permitted to survive and upset the great game at play; as Theodore Kaufman would write, "Germany must perish."

And, thusly did World War II come to pass, beginning with the Soviet hammer of the East. The many overtures of peace that Adolf Hitler made to England would fall on deaf ears, for peace was the enemy. Roosevelt ensured the Pearl Harbor attack, correctly anticipating that the outcome would allow full entry into war against the Axis and, thereby, Germany, which he constantly stretched to engage. Many events transpired, tens of millions died, and, by the time the war was over, the stage was set for three very significant and preordained outcomes.

First, the Germans were vilified beyond any previous measure. The Nuremberg trials would announce to the world that the National Socialists were guilty of terrible war crimes, most notably the attempted mass genocide of the Jews. When thus accused, every single German leader fully denied the charges except Albert Speer, who instead claimed total ignorance of any war crimes. History has waited patiently for the "smoking gun" proving that the NSDAP leadership knew of the "death camps" rebuilt by the Soviets, yet despite the countless records of a scrupulously documenting government and even such recent items as Alfred Rosenberg's private diary, no such evidence exists.

The trial was presided over by the very judge who sent hundreds of thousands to their death in Stalin's show trials, with the Germans prevented from presenting any evidence of their own, and was restricted in scope solely to war crimes by the Germans, thus ignoring the numerous war crimes of both the Americans and the Russians. In truth, this Siegerjustiztrial was precisely the same sort as was perfected in the Great Purge, with the charges and punishment predefined and unavoidable. It is no wonder that the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court at the time called the trials a "fraud". Yet, this trial is still held as irrefutable proof of the National Socialists' guilt. Indeed, just questioning the verdict is punishable by years of jail time in dozens of "free" countries!

A thorough refutation of the Holocaust propaganda is an exhaustive task that has already been accomplished by far better scholars, but there is one question that we can answer readily. Is it not, at the least, possible that the Communists specifically would invent, propagate, and ruthless defend the Holocaust in order to besmirch the National Socialists? Did the Communists not prove themselves from Katyn to Solovki, from Mitrokhin to Venona, from the tens of millions that died from in "counter-revolutionary" purges, from the countless "reeducated" millions, from the explicit instructions of Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and other Soviet leaders to lie, cheat, and betray for the revolution, that they were capable of such a lie? And, then, is it so difficult to imagine such a lie gaining traction when you consider the zeal and power of the Jewish interests?

After the war, the German people were raped, robbed, and reeducated. While Eastern Germany was an oppressive prison, Western Germany became captive to new techniques of social conditioning. Donald Cameron, president of the American and World Psychiatric Associations, had prior to the Nuremberg trials developed a complete plan for the transformation of the German people. Cameron would, after the Morgenthau Plan had set the stage, see his plan realized under Germany's reconstruction.

Along with Theodor Adorno, Hannah Arendt, Wilhelm Reich, and other "experts", Cameron diagnosed the Aryan nationalism of the Germans as clinically pathological. These authorities, building on Freud's rationalistic revision of spirituality and mind, defined the Germans' key neurosis as antisemitism. For the cure, Cameron and his colleagues instrumented a massive apparatus of education, propaganda, and legal restrictions to condition the German population against ever again rising from their knees.

Roosevelt had circumvented the largely honest FBI by founding the Office of Strategic Services, which would become the CIA. A powerful cell for the supranational conspirators, the CIA would implement numerous diabolical plots for the globalists. A decade after the war, Cameron would become key in one such plot, the "behavioral modification" programs of MKULTRA.

Heading McGill University's psychiatric hospital, with Cameron forcibly drugging, electroshocking, and torturing patients for months in order to "brainwash" them and develop mind control methods to "drive" their actions. The involuntary patients, who had checked in for minor issues such as postpartum depression, were permanently scarred by their experiences. The CIA funded and directed this research along with the more famous LSD research, eventually supplying hundreds of millions of doses of psychedelic drugs to drug users in the United States as one of several societal destabilization methods.

The second major planned outcome of World War II was the establishment of the United Nations. Where the League of Nations failed, the UN succeeded, creating the visible government institution for the so-called New World Order. As the Protocolspredicted, the terror of the "universal war", which this time disturbed every nation and people, left the world pleading for peace. The UN promised this peace and cemented the United States and the Soviet Union together as members in the global plan. Though it is little known, this same UN is now the most important public organization in the world, as we will see.

This binding of the capitalists and communists would be key for the third major planned outcome, the Cold War. Starting with the unnecessary and horrific violence of the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, future war became unimaginably terrifying. Winston Churchill almost immediately began raising the alarm of the new conflict between the two world powers, and a subterranean battle emerged that still permitted the world's wealth to rebuild.

The Cold War created an ideal environment for enrichment and gaining power, pitting the "free world" against the international revolution. Proxy wars kept the frightening reality of armed conflict always in our minds, but yet also remote. Thus, we would never feel secure, yet never truly secure ourselves. No matter how obvious the solution was to the Pattons or MacArthurs of the world, the threat would never be allowed to end. The "peace" was simply suspended terror. And, the most terrifying outcome of all, a nuclear Armageddon, was always looming, always prompting towards global solutions.

So the years marched on, with the Western world progressively alienated from its traditional European philosophy through intentional conditioning by the educational system, press, religious institutions (including the old stalwart, the Roman Catholic Church, toppled since Vatican II and now with a Jesuit radical bethroned), government programs of many sorts, and soulless corporate collusion. European racial pride was inverted and "white guilt" became the new identity, leading to a deep self-loathing that was much worse than being considered innately lazy, impulsive, or foolish. In the new narrative, Europeans were the most evil race in history and all whites were born with an unpayable moral debt to the rest of the world.

Desperate whites sought to destroy the stain of their ancestors through miscegenation, prejudicial handicaps, and the angry disavowal of their heritage. The twisted psychological conditioning program of humiliation, guilt, and obligation used to spiritual sterilize the Germans was implemented throughout the Western world. For, as we've been told, weren't we all just a few bigoted expressions from becoming Nazis ourselves? And, so a racial and cultural genocide was taking place, a dehumanization by which the beliefs, traditions, and identities of the European people were "corrected".

As Marx, Engels, and countless later radicals noted, the family was the root of the "oppressive" hierarchal pattern. As the transmission belt for the traditional culture and the antidote, by way of love, to propaganda against ancestral history, the family was the archenemy. From compulsory public education to materialistic seduction of the adolescent to expert-sanctioned encouragement of rebellion and hostility against parents, the conditioning forces directed a large and multifaceted campaign against the family.

While men provide the physical and intellectual defense of a culture, it is women who are the most crucial guardians, nurturing each new generation, instilling within them a sense of love, identity, pride, and values. In fact, the Aryan philosophy is fully embodied in a mother's love, the generosity and sacrifice of material concerns for the spiritual value of life. Family love is the fundament of the Aryan spirit, the pillar upon which all our cultural goodness was built, and this magnificent love is still where hope remains.

Thus, maternity was brought under attack by the reformers from the beginning. Feminism, which, in its zealous hatred of the feminine role, was more misogynistic than the coarsest panderer, attacked marriage, childrearing, and even heterosexuality as vile injustices. Children were torn from their mothers, the hearth was violated, and women were marched towards the materialistic ideology as abject toilers. No longer would family reflect through the mother and father's actions the love, care, and centrality of their children and marriage. "Family" became known as a mere and presumed exploitative economic partnership.

Birthrates dropped, fidelity was an outmoded irrationality, and sexual intimacy was stripped down to only its material basis. Abortion, homosexuality, pornography, drug use (in which spiritual and emotional states are reduced to physical manipulations), and childless existence became first tolerated, then accepted, and finally encouraged as symbolic rebellions against the spiritual life. Generations of children were raised without any real family, their would-be parents living in perpetual immaturity, unable or unwilling to place their sacred parental responsibility over selfish material interests.

In the meantime, a complete takeover of the Western financial world took place, encroaching far beyond the banking industry and into personal microeconomics. The goal, besides direct consolidation and enrichment, was preventing independence from the global economic network being established. Taxation invaded every aspect of financial action, repeated transaction after transaction as the efforts of workers were confiscated into the system. This system would then dispense services and goods formerly provided by communities and families themselves, creating an vampiric dependence.

Real resources disappeared in exchange for worthless currency and, now, even the currency is just ephemeral electronic data. This fictionalization of wealth retention was complemented by ever more inscrutably complex "financial instruments", allowing the grossest of fraudulent and usurious schemes. Debt, personal and governmental, would become necessary for commonplace goals, as real personal wealth evaporated and financial dependence was encouraged at every turn. Much of this debt was never expected to be repaid, but it was immeasurably useful and profitable as it served to shackle and entangle the debtor.

While the financial seizure transpired and post-war generations were increasingly subjected to social conditioning, the threat of war with the communists allowed both a vanguard for revolutionary incursion into the culture and a powerful motivator toward global authority. But, to further shift to true global rule the status quo of national identity would need to be disrupted. National resource independence would need to crushed and self-sufficiency sent to the grave.

Although the nebulous international communist movement provided a form of global endangerment, in practice it dissolved largely into national conflicts. These conflicts occasionally had the undesired side effect, through protective measures, of strengthening national identity and independence. And, as the Western world increasingly adopted the communist policies they had posed against, a new threat would be needed that would more fully transgress national and cultural barriers while still allowing materialistic corruption.

Moving toward these ends, the racial and cultural identity providing national strength was undermined through revision of immigration policies. While it would take generations for the demographic shifts to fully impact society, this later impact would coincide with other future plans. Likewise, a long term socio-economic undermining would have its origins in these tumultuous times, with the introduction of "free trade".

Two of the most powerful visible implementors of the conspiracy, Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller, ushered in a new age of economic globalization. From propping up communist countries in exchange for slave labor to the machinations of the global oil banking complex, free trade began its great erosion of Western productivity, independence, and integrity.

The economic interactions established through free trade would lead to greatly strengthened supranational institutions, such as through the WTO. By effectively reintroducing slavery in the form of desperate third world workers and forcing first world countries to compete with these slaves, new wealth would be generated completely independent of the troublesome middle class. This process, with aid of the Western banks and politicians, would vastly enlarge the welfare class in the Western world as the number of competitive skills rapidly shrunk, shuffling more and more previously independent families into dependence on the colluding governments.

Under the guidance of the Jewish globalists, the Soviet Union was purposefully dissolved, China practiced a exploitative capitalism, and national holdouts of economic independence were toppled through intrigue and war. As the first heavily conditioned generation of the West started to ascend into power, a thousand revolutionary fractures in society rift apart our common racial, spiritual, and social identity, creating a cultural civil war that was persisted and empowered by divisive propaganda and politics.

Thousands of books have been written, some with congratulation and some with consternation, cataloging the myriad forms by which the materialistic ideology has in recent times affected our culture. Their details are not unimportant, but neither are they truly useful. For, in the enervating internal conflict of the West, all the so-called "right wing" counter attacks were allowed to strike only pawns, as naming the alien Semitic origins of the grand materialistic scheme upon us was and remains strictly verboten.

As our account approaches the present time, we see the tremendous demographic crisis of immigration, a Western workforce hollowed out by free trade and entitlement, widespread spiritual and cultural collapse, and the growing centralization of governing power. But, now that the specter of nuclear annihilation is largely past, what horror will cause the new Western generations, the vast majority of which having had no direct exposure to war, to shelter under the mordant arms of the United Nations?

Could it be the Muslim hordes that stamp at the gates of Europe? Islam is the closest cousin of Judaism, and the Arab the nearest racial kin of the Israeli. But, it is not the language that binds these so closely, though Hebrew and Arabic are vastly similar Semitic languages without relation to the Indo-European fountainhead, nor even the genetic likeness of their original people. In truth, Islam, unlike Christianity with its previously described Aryan heritage, is descended directly from Judaism and the ancient Canaanite archetypes.

Islam, precisely like Judaism, is a religion based on extensive codes of strict behavioral laws. Its purely materialistic ideology is reflected in the fact that followers' inner sentiments and beliefs do not matter; what matters is complete submission in physical behavior. The Muslim afterlife, Jannah, as with the Jews, is restricted to a materialistic paradise, rewarding obedience to the Islamic commandments or Ahkam.

Abraham, the first and founding Jew, is also considered the first and perfect Muslim; only Moses features with equal prominence in boththe Judaic and Islamic canons. But, while the Jews were strictly delineated by racial heritage, Muhammad removed the requirements of genetic lineage and, thus, united the warring tribes of Arabia under a new cult. Instead of conquering with scheming and manipulation as the Jews had done, the barbarian raiders of Arabia would conquer by the sword. The spoils of this rapacious conquest available to anyGhazithat would submit to the Islamic code, Islam grew rapidly and violently.

While the Jews naturally rejected the idea of a non-Jew claiming to be a prophet of God, there is no major historical hostility between the Jews and Muslims, contrary to the impression created by the modern Middle Eastern provocations of Israel, provocations useful, of course, in sustaining vigilance against "antisemitism". The Jewish animosity is again and again directed towards Christianity, the Aryan spiritual philosophy which powerfully contradicts and rebukes both the Jewish and Muslim materialistic religions.

Likewise, it is Christianity which most suffered under the Muslim incursions, held the line at the Battle of Tours, drove out the invaders through the Crusades and Inquisition, and saved Europe from the Ottomans in the Battle of Vienna. The Jews not only did not help stop the Muslims, they actively collaborated with the Arab oppressors against the Christians, as in Spain and Italy, "possessing the gates". And, yet we are to think the Jews and Muslims are mortal enemies.

In truth, as with other Goyim, the Muslims are seen by the Jews as just another pawn to be used in their quest for power. As the gates of the West are held open for the Islamic masses to invade and anti-Western sentiment is stoked in third world terrorist enclaves, who stands behind both the invitation and the provocation? Who would stand to benefit from this subversion and the new Cold War of Jihad?

The Project for the New American Century promised to help bring about a new international order for the advancement of "economic freedom" and peace, instrumenting the September 11th bombings and "regime change" in the Middle East. In doing so, they not only attacked the few national banks not under their control, but also, through the CIA and its intermediaries such as al-Queda, engineered a vast immigration invasion of Europe from Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia.

But, the culture war with the Muslims, the replacement for the Communists, is only one part of the modern formula of fear. As was needed to drive the panicked masses to the slaughterhouse, a new thunderhead was claimed to threatened the complete death of the Earth, replacing the now highly abstract danger of nuclear destruction. After, evolving the earlier claims of world overpopulation, global cooling, and global warming, this monster was finally dubbed "climate change" and would become a tremendous impetus for global change in the present.


We are now at the precipice of tremendous global change. Generations of people have been raised with a conditioning environment to prepare them to accept and even welcome this time. We face a terrible evil and there is little hope for change in the near term. We are about to see the Leviathan, having for centuries swollen the deep and corroded our walls, burst forth and drown its enemies.

The United Nations meets this month to secure international commitment to its plan for the next fifteen years. By its own description, what the UN plans is of completely unprecedented scope and importance in establishing global governance. The effort to propagandize and accomplish the agenda of this plan forms the largest open conspiracy in human history, involving nearly every major governmental, charitable, and religious organization in the world.

The program is based around seventeen "Sustainable Development Goals", which are:

  1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere
  2. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
  3. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
  4. Ensure inclusive and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
  5. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
  6. Ensure access to water and sanitation for all
  7. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all
  8. Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment, and decent work for all
  9. Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
  10. Reduce inequality within and among countries
  11. Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable
  12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
  13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
  14. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources
  15. Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss
  16. Promote just, peaceful, and inclusive societies
  17. Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

The goals with little or no revision will all be adopted and all major nations will commit to their implementation. The press coverage will be relatively small and there will be no visible controversy outside of limited concern over environmental restrictions. There will be next to no immediate effects and the apparent importance of the summit itself will vanish for all but the carefully observant. Even as direct outcomes appear, their connection to the plan will be mostly ignored.

The goals will appeal to the vast majority of people, describing a Utopian future well aligned with the supposed benefits of both capitalism and communism. The post-scarcity world will beckon people of all nations. No one, some will think, can morally be against these goals, just as no one can be against world peace. And, just as such material promises have led the masses again and again for the past three hundred years, so will they in the years ahead.

The promoters and advocates of these changes will almost universally believe in their goals' inherent correctness. Their motivations will be honest, their passion authentic, and their protection vigorous. An organization widely believed to be benevolent and representative, the United Nations doesn't need to transcend or excuse past misdeeds. Even after the mass murders of the Soviet Union were known, it found no shortage of defenders and apologists; how much more zealous will the proponents of the United Nations be?

But, what will really happen as a result of this agenda? Will the goals be achieved? If so, at what cost and in what form shall be the result? And, who shall describe the path these goals will take? Who shall measure their success or failure?

In order to reach the post-scarcity vision the Communists promised, a penultimate period was necessary in which a "dictatorship of the proletariat" would rule to steer to the desired outcome. In practice, this would be the bloodthirsty rule of Communist elites, causing the deaths of over one hundred million people under their "perfectly democratic" rule. And, yet, even this grim outcome is more benign than what awaits us with the new world order.

In order to accomplish and enforce the agenda, there will be a massive expansion of the United Nation's purview and authority. The national financial obligations alone will vastly increase the power of the UN, just as Woodrow Wilson's addition of a federal income tax predicated the United States' dramatic transformation from state to federal rule. Due to the extremely encompassing goals of the new agenda, far broader, in fact, than the charters or constitutions of most nations, the power that will be exacted shall truly make for an all-powerful world government, with all nations kneeling below it.

The goals themselves shall universally spread the materialistic ideology and all of its attendant woes, which we have already examined, such as through its guarantees of "equality". And, while this danger is serious and certain to be achieved, continuing and enlarging the problems and suffering this ideology causes, the goals hide a far greater and more sinister outcome.

Climate change provides the apocalyptic fear and urgency within the summit and many of the goals will apply the concepts of "sustainability" and "intersectionality" to extend environmental protection to total socio-economic control. Climate change is a scientific propaganda campaign that seeks to terrorize the public into compliance with a "green technology" racket that will replace use of "primitive" resources such as wood and methane with dependence on more "advanced" products such as GMOs, batteries, and solar cells, despite their far more environmentally dangerous manufacturing and waste implications.

Due to the completely benign gas, CO2, being targeted for control, almost every aspect of energy use comes under the hand of these supposed "environmentalists". Numerous examples of falsifying evidence have been proven, the "hockey stick" graph being but one such instance of scientific fraud. These frauds continually push towards a predetermined outcome and contrary evidence is deliberately ignored.

This intended scientific outcome is clear when one examines the IPCC's famous climate reports which, in presenting its lengthy lists of the effects of unchecked climate change, invariably present one terrifying result after another. Are we truly to believe that a global pattern of warming, cooling, desertification, humidification, etc would have no positive effects at all? And, so ridiculous has this charade become, that every unpleasant weather occurrence is explained as the result of human caused climate change, hurricanes, forest fires, rain storms, drought, and even earthquakes.

But, it is equal folly to imagine that completely unrestrained global corporations would not rape the earth or that every restriction of pollutant and toxin has no reasonable basis. Yet, will the United Nation's plan save us from a poisoned future? Or, will it not encourage wasteful global transportation, endless consumption of technological trash, and a new universality of the fluoridated, medicated, vaccinated, and digitized "global citizen"? One only needs to look to the past consideration given to the environment by the Communists to understand how little is sacred to the materialistic mindset.

Yet, the goals for climate change, for all their noise and falsehood, do not pose a major threat outside of the aforementioned creeping intersectionality. Instead, the gravest threat lurks elsewhere in the goals. This secret objective will cause hundreds of millions to die and attempt the destruction of the Western society as we know it. And, this terrible tragedy will be ironically caused, in combination with other factors of the global conspiracy, by the most elemental humanitarian objectives of the agenda: attempting to end poverty, hunger, disease, and inequality.

These goals suggest a heaven on earth, a material paradise. They deny the historical proofs of every time, every culture, and every life, instead holding that "progress" will make the previously impossible possible. They elevate material contentment as the highest goal of life and, conversely, material suffering is the worst evil. Clearly the presented agenda, reflective of progressivism in general, embodies the ancient Jewish ideology of materialism.

How strong is the contrast of this mindset with the basic Aryan philosophy, which identifies suffering as an inseparable aspect of material desire. Heaven on earth is Māyā, the house upon the sand, a trap for the foolish and shortsighted. Material happiness is artificial and the prioritization of such over spiritual enlightenment is the cause of true suffering. And, just so, and with cynical intent by the globalist, will these goals cause widespread suffering, through the following events.

A great host of global aid organizations will receive a massive influx of capital and other resources to help "developing nations", the governments of which they will partner with in exchange for these governments implementing globalist policies. This aid will come from "developed nations", beginning the largest welfare scheme in the history of the world at a time when these first world countries have never been less self-sustaining.

The aid will be used in two main ways. First, it will implement systems of global economic dependence in the third world countries under the Orwellian guise of "sustainability". By introducing "free trade", these impoverished people will become the slaves of the new global economy, wholly dependent upon external economic forces for their survival as their previous capacity for self-reliance is removed.

Second, the aid will directly relieve some abject conditions in a temporary fashion, such as by supplying food shipments. However, this will only worsen these problems in the longer term. For the problems the aid is to remedy are already the products of a limited people having previously received similar artificial help.

For example, almost all developing countries are overpopulated in the sense that their internally available resources are insufficient to sustain their own populations. If the resources are insufficient, why does the excessive portion of the population not e.g. starve, thus restoring the balance to resource production? The answer, of course, is because external aid supported the excess, prolonging and increasing the problem of overpopulation.

How much more exacerbated shall these conditions become when every modern effort is undertaken to prevent any natural population correction? Should infant mortality be halved, should a vaccine for HIV be developed, should widespread free health care be available, what then will become of the world's hungry and poor? And, as each population boom expands, these nations will have ever more entitled expectations to and need for welfare from first world countries, blaming their rescuers (with some justification) for their predicament.

The first world countries will be forced to muster more support, for as bad as it may get in Copenhagen, it surely will be worse in Nairobi. With each payment of the UN tax, the global administrative apparatus is enriched and enlarged, their corporate and NGO partners likewise grow, and the grand bureaucracy becomes more complex, established, and encroaching.

This aid will fund not only overpopulation, but the financing of the "free market" slave class that will simultaneously destroy the first world economy. Billions of third world citizens will become the slaves of this new global economy, with "booming growth" in countries throughout Africa and Southern Asia. These people will be slaves not only through their labor, but through their participation as the long tail consumers of the global economy, just as already has happened with mobile phones.

Inexpensive computer communication technology will be common place in the third world, much like plastic containers are now. This will allow over 90% of the world's population to have Internet access and electronic banking, as electronic transactions replace physical currency throughout the world. Through this technological infestation, the world's entire population will be conditioned with freely available education, robbed via usury and taxes, and readily organized into rabbles and armies through propaganda.

Yet, the Western masses will long be anesthetized from what is happening as "frictionless" technology, drugs, sexual degeneracy, and ever more extreme sensory experiences entrain the people from young to old. All privacy in urban areas will disappear, but, more alarming, even the expectation of privacy will vanish as measures to track and levy all citizen behaviors expand via drones, sensors, and automation. "Lifelong education" will become a major past time, driven by a looming sense of obsolescence and newly free educational resources, and serve as an even more strident form of social conditioning.

In these first world countries, the crime rate, national debt, and culture wars will explode, as vast waves of immigrants overrun communities, undermine job markets, and crash the national welfare systems. The combination of economic competition from "free market" slavery, greatly diminished actual purchasing power, and vastly expanded government assistance programs, will push most of the middle class into poverty. But, just the reverse will be widely believed, as the middle class is redefined to include dependence on the government, enabling millions to "escape poverty" and join the new middle class.

This first world economic collapse will happen by stages and be hidden through currency manipulations, just as has already begun. The national governments, greatly overburdened by their welfare systems and dwindling productivity, will become vastly dependent on the global welfare programs. The debt from these global loans and, eventually, other forms of aid will grow with such ease that few citizens will notice that their once proud country has become a fully dependent nation.

For, in terms of their self-sufficiency and independence, the developed nations have alreadycollapsed. What remains are just ghosts of their former selves, illusions of nationhood. And, so the world will shift into the next phase, through this great but gentle leveling of the first and third worlds, removing the disparity between people just as promised, but in the form of making us all slaves to the Jewish-controlled global hegemony.

But, the population debt must eventually be paid and it will be paid in blood. After the first world is reduced, there is no more use for excessive third world populations. They will have become only a burden to the global conspiracy, having outlived their usefulness. Massive deaths will inevitably occur, whether through desperate war, natural epidemics, or engineered extermination. A new era of population control will necessarily result, guided, of course, by the global government which will help all of us to be "good" productive global citizens. The materialistic life will be all most global citizens will ever know and there will be but one obscenely wealthy tribe ruling the world.

The goal of the globalists is to make slaves of the world for their own material benefit. The truth is that they are not so intent on destruction as possession, and our physical lives will be in most cases comfortable enough. They can very easily create war and acute economic collapse in the West, but will only do so if they believe it is necessary to destroy resistance. It is unlikely that a traditional apocalyptic scenario will unfold in the West, though violent threats of the possibility will be regularly presented. To truly succeed at world domination, they must have mostly docile, intimidated, and basically content subjects and they are aware of this. In fact, the world they are creating will be agreeable to many people.

There is no real organized resistance to their plans. There is really nothing that an individual or group can do to change the slide to Jewish world dominance. Armed rebellion would be tragically counter-productive and must be avoided for everyone's sake. The new world order is our inescapable future.

But, after many generations, there will be a great reversal. Having secured their power over all nations, the rulers will descend into abhorrent immoderation, their unchecked materialistic drive, their lust, greed, ambition, selfishness, and vanity, their unquenchable thirst for power and wealth, all finding destructive result. Focused solely on their material gain, without a love of their subjects or, truly, anyone but themselves, their cancer will grow to a lethal extreme.

Those in their ranks who are shrewed enough to be moderate will be overrun, and the creeping exploitation will become so burdensome that a great reaction will build. An awakening of the Teutonic racial heritage will thunder across the Western world and, joined by the greatest from all races and cultures including Arabs and even some Jews, the globalists will be thrown out. This pattern of exploitation, excess, and expulsion has happened over one hundred times since Christ and will most assuredly happen again.

But, the materialistic view will persist. It's always been there, lurking in all of us. And, in time, the corruption will repeat itself again in some new form. The dramas of ambition and material desire and the suffering they cause, are an inseparable aspect of human history. And, yet, there is still hope.

Your Choice

All people face the dilemma of our times and must choose. Will you make your life about material happiness, be purchased by pleasure and pain, and accept the Semitic philosophy as your own? Or, will you focus your heart on the spiritual, make your life a journey toward ultimate truth, and walk in the footsteps of the Aryans?

It doesn't matter from what race or culture you come. It does not matter if you yourself were born a Jew or have only known materialistic ideology. The equality of soul is real as is the divine and transcendent freedom we possess: to seek enlightenment. Will you be a slave of this world? Or, will you follow the path toward nirvana?

Let go of the material victory. Make your war that of the spirit. Arm yourself with the spiritual truth of Aryan philosophy, from theZend-Avestato the Rig Vedato the Eddas to the Evangelion. Come back to the old wisdom. Come back to who you really are.

Come back to life, kin of my ancient brothers or sisters, and accept the spiritual treasure of your ancestry. Kindle the flame of our people, protect it, and share it with those who are ready. Preserve it through the changes of our material world and teach it to the new generations.

Our real hope comes not from without, but from within. The Aryan philosophy is not just words written in books. It is imprinted in the soul.

For as long as a mother's love for her child is to be found, for as long as art can move the soul toward the sublime, for as long as we see the stars hanging in the firmament above us and remember, somewhere deep in our hearts, the capacity to hope, to believe, to love, to transcend, and to reach truth, so shall the Aryan spirit live on.


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